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- In Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism, dana is the practice of cultivating generosity.
It can take the form of giving to an individual in distress or need.
It can also take the form of philanthropic public projects that empower and help many.
According to historical records, dana is an ancient practice in Indian traditions, tracing back to Vedic traditions. -

Introducing and referring to the concept of dana, if my ways and work speak to you and you would like to support, please feel free to do so.

I do think it is time to be courageous, and I think it is time to implement new ways.

I hope my website gives you an insight into what I do and what I stand for.

Any financial support will be used for necessary living expenses and to support the projects I am involved in.
The help might be a small or big monthly contribution, or a small or big one time gift.

Please know that any support or cooperative effort surely is greatly appreciated.

All my best wishes.

Lars Schmidt

ps: I am currently looking for a home base as living and work space, and as a tool for the implementation and materialization of projects.
Certainly, if there is an old house or farm that needs somebody to live in and breathe life into it, I am interested.
A description of my approach and vision you find here.

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