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lars schmidt

Mountains and Rivers are Speaking

Passive Activism
Mountains and Rivers are Speaking

"What would our human endeavors look like if we learned a new way of being in the world?"

"Not unlike an ancient Japanese teamaster, whose abilities and knowledge had to range from the knowledge about the plantation and preparation of tea and food, to garden design, architecture, philosophy, spiritual understanding and practices, pottery, calligraphy and poetry, altogether laying out the Way of Tea, I would like to propose a concept of artistic expression that mirrors the understanding of the Way of Tea (Chado), or Teaism as a way of life."

"In a world where everything interacts and is dependent on other things, what does it take to live a full, responsible and respectful life?
In other words: what does it take to live artfully?"

"I am just myself. I can't be any more specific or descriptive. So maybe it is best not to ask me about my profession."

"I think we are at a threshold.
We, as a species, cannot afford any more practice or research of any kind, that is not intended to serve the entire ecological community."

Lars Schmidt