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Mountains and Rivers
are Speaking -

We may learn to listen

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Nobodies from Schmidt + Brecke on Vimeo

4K, w/sound

Consider Shiva, the Nataraj figure, the Dancing Shiva. This is a paradigm, imposed upon the entire world of experience, in which it is assumes that everything that happens, ranging from earthquakes to gossip, to murder, to joy, to love, to laughter and all the rest, is an incredible zig-zag of what seem otherwise to be unclassifiable and disordered experience, but is, in fact, all framed within the Shivaite concept of The Dance. - Gregory Bateson


Bergen | 10.09.16 from Sonomama Collective on Vimeo.

HD, silent, 2016


A Blanket for the Soil revisited from Lars Schmidt on Vimeo.

A Blanket for the Soil revisited
Drome Valley / France, March 2019


A Blanket for the Soil
Drome Valley / France, March 2010


Conversation with Forest Trail in Winter
Drome Valley / France, March 2010